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Hedy Lamarr.
Ziegfeld Girl, 1941.



Hedy Lamarr.

Ziegfeld Girl, 1941.


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// Swear to god this dog is fucking with me on purpose//

I’m so close to O number 2 my nips are tightening, and wouldn’t you know it, the dog jumps on the fucking bed. I keep pushing him of the bed and all 70 pounds of stupid keeps coming up for a full on in my lap cuddle…

but if I make him sleep in his crate he’ll cry the entire time… whatever, I tricked him for a bit to sit outside, but my god dog, you’re a gay (he humps other male dogs and lets them hump him but never have I seen him go after a female dog… moving on) dog, leave me alone for a bit…

anyway I came more today than I have in a while, and I got some sweet fucking pot. That is a totally different strain that what I have been smoking and it’s tasty and a totally different high. A nice change of pace for spring.

// Sunday lazy Sunday//

woke up round 12, had some homemade banana bread, figured out that the dog will sleep on the floor while I’m getting off, and currently debating getting off one more time before cleaning up around the house…
ugh I wish I could just stay in bed for the rest of the day.

Oh lazy sunday.

// I’m not really satisfied until I have two or three orgasms //

on my own, but it’s late and I’m going to a bunch of museums tomorrow, I will endeavor to be happy about the one and an almost I had and deal with it later.

besides, there is some resin to smoke, and I’m kinda sleepy.


// Dog is orgasm blocking again//

he’s just 70 lbs of sitting on my bed and it would be weird to use my vibrator right now.

fucking dog
just snoring away
my two most recent OKC prospects just sort of fucked off. I don’t chase after men after a certain point, because I can get really intense about people and build stuff up in my head (as people who want to be in a relationship and or want something either or physical or romantic to happen are want to do ), I’m trying not to fall back into habits, that will only make me unhappy.

So, I’m staring down a block of free-ish time and it’s about to be spring and I’m going to be fucking psycho horny … I’m almost waiting to see what stupid decision I make.

It’s going to be moving to somewhere pot is legal and trying to get a job in a dispensary isn’t it?
hey if that magically opportunity presents itself I’m fucking packing a bag and running away.

// OH MY GOD!//

watching feeldoe videos on and playing this playlist and it fits with everything… oh my god how perfect.

*claps wildly*

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// I need someone for cuddling and fondling asap//

I’m a little wound up at the moment.

I’ve been reading Trust
a fic that is spectacularly hot and makes me consider the other side of the balancing act… okay enough now. I’m super baked and it’s late.

// My dog is an orgasm-block//

Rusty had wandered off and I shut the door so I could get off and he freaked the fuck out (as usual), but it was already 4 and his yowling can get loud so the best way to shut him up is to let him in bed, but he’s a big fucking dog, there is not enough room for me to do my thing and for him to sleep without it being weird. 


Later then I guess. 

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