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He strips and fucks her on her back, not realising they’re being watched.

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// Bought a dildo! Home alone! Bought excellent smutty stuff too//

It’s a perfectly nice week to be home with pot, my dog, some jobby stuff, and an empty house I can make lots of noise in

I can’t wait till my new toy comes in the mail!

// Bored and horny//

this has been an update

have a great weekend folks



yes please



yes please

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// Watching the Snow White xxx parody film//

some of it is awful… or it might just be that I’m bored by most blow jobs and there are a lot in this… (yeah i think unless I’m giving a bj I could care fucking less about seeing one… or this case several)

and then there is the last two scenes

A wicked older woman being bossy and making snow white fuck herself with a dildo —> yup that does it for me

A handsome prince eating out snow white on a pile of pelts —> double yup

I’m a big perv and the sexual aspect of fairytales is pretty much one of my favorite things about them so this… is pretty good, sure could it be more dreamy and less porny, always, but this seriously fills a need.

I may have to read more fairytale smut later but I’m incredibly content.

if the phone would stop fucking ringing.


♀ xxx


♀ xxx

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"Come on," she says, not caring how desperate or needy she sounds now, not when she’s so close to having him inside her where she aches.

"Are you sure?" he asks again, holding her gaze.

"God, yes," she answers. "Steve, please." He pushes inside and she has to close her eyes and tip her head back at how good it feels to be stretched and full. She pushes up as he thrusts and then she can’t do anything but move, her hands clutching at his shoulders and her hips snapping up to meet his. "Harder," she moans, like something out of a bad porno, but she doesn’t care. "I need you so bad," she whispers against his ear, ankles locked beneath the perfect curve of his ass as he fucks into her. He’s braced above her on one arm, so she grabs his other hand and shows him how she likes to be touched. He’s a quick study, and soon she’s coming, finally, climax rolling through her like a tidal wave.
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